About us


This Is Us

We are Mexico’s leading retained independent executive search firm. We are American owned and Mexican driven. We are successful. Thirty-eight years prove it.


This Is What We Do

Executive search for Mexican and foreign companies, usually for the three top management levels. We recruit mostly bilingual bicultural Mexican MBA holders who are doing well but are willing to listen.


This Is How We Do It

Promising and delivering reality with disarming candor. Going to the market place in pursuit of the ideal, eschewing databank romps.


This is What We Believe in

  1. We believe as search consultants we are business partners with our clients. As such it is incumbent upon us to understand as much as possible of our clients’ organizations and industry sectors.
  2. We believe mutual trust is indispensable because it allows the recruiter to maintain a productive level of curiosity and gain an understanding of the client’s company.
  3. We believe all candidates should be viewed objectively and dispassionately, even internal ones suggested by the client. There should never be a competitive situation between the client and the recruiter, based on the generation of candidates.
  4. We believe executive search means just that. It ought not to mean databank pluckings, the lazy way out.
  5. We believe in the virtues and mutual benefits of the retained search approach to the business. It protects that which the client should expect: objectivity. It rewards time and effort. It recognizes judgment and expertise. We prefer client relationships that concentrate on results, rather than transactions.
  6. We believe the pursuit for maximum profit in everything we do is our right and obligation.
  7. We view parallel processing (the simultaneous presentation of the same candidate to different clients) as unethical.
  8. Our judgment tells us that time-honored, off-limits considerations are inviolable.
  9. We believe all candidates placed should never be recruited again by us while in the employ of our client. The rotation of favorite candidates from client to client is, therefore, absolutely prohibited.