Executive performance coaching is neither a short-lived training course or seminar nor a passing technique. It is a new management style. It is interactive, peer facilitation.


Coaching is reaching its full realization in this, the Knowledge Century.


Whereas Psychology tends to define what it going wrong in a person´s life and tries to remedy it, Coaching identifies what is going right in your life and tries to nurture it. Psychology often delves into dysfunctions emanating from the past. Coaching concentrates mostly on the future from this moment forward.


Coaching helps, rather than instructs, people to learn about themselves to enhance their performance. It asks “how come?” rather than “how to?” It discovers that often the main obstacle is within the coachee, as is the desired solution, not elsewhere.


It welcomes change. It foments motivation. It induces self-motivation through learning and learning is the most effective way to achieve human change. It promotes ongoing resilience in persons as it does in organizations. It helps people and organizations with the challenges inherent to transitions.

We offer Executive Leadership, Performance and Transition Coaching as a comfortable complement to executive recruiting services.


John E. Smith Jr.
Executive Coach