Why us?


Here’s Why You Ought To Use Smith Search

  1. Authenticity: we evaluate candidates, never sell them.
  2. Experience: more than three decades of it, successful and unsubsidized.
  3. Independent: owners take better care of their businesses.
  4. Mastering the Mexican meld: we are bilingual/bicultural as few others.
  5. Made in Mexico, for Mexicans: no “tropicalized” imports from other lands.
  6. Personalized international searches: we have recruited from Buenos Aires to Helsinki, no diluting third party delegation.
  7. Methodology: Researching market reality vs. taking databank shortcuts.
  8. Ethics: we subscribe to the very highest standards in all aspects. Period.
  9. Uncompromising pursuit of excellence: no fudge factors.
  10. No off-limits conflicts, a problem among octopus alternatives. (and no queasy off-limits policy attitudes).


Here’s Why You Ought Not Use Smith Search

  1. Unfettered fee cutting to curry your favor.
  2. You prefer databank “pick and pluck” to research reach and reality.
  3. A worldwide name and fame to assuage uncertainties.
  4. Prefer so-called seamless nostrum evaluation formulae of candidates.
  5. Swanky offices in swankier surroundings.
  6. Thunderous PR campaign pronouncements.
  7. Parallel processing (simultaneous presentation of the same candidate to one or more clients).